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Certified True Copy

A Certified True Copy is a document copy that is signed and authenticated by a legally authorized institution or individual to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the original document. Certified True Copies play a crucial role in various fields such as law, finance, and education.


What exactly is a Certified True Copy? This article will answer common questions about Certified True Copies:


  • The purpose of Certified True Copies

  • Who has the authority to certify copies

  • The service process

  • Case sharing


The purpose of Certified True Copies

Certified True Copies have wide-ranging applications in different scenarios. In the legal field, they can be used to confirm the authenticity of contracts, proof of documents, and court papers.


In the financial field, Certified True Copies can be used to verify financial statements, contracts, and authorization documents.


In the education field, Certified True Copies of academic certificates can be provided as proof to employers or other educational institutions.


When opening a company bank account in Hong Kong, Certified True Copies can be provided to the bank for the verification of shareholders' and directors' identification documents, proof of address, and certified copies of company establishment documents.


Who has the authority to certify copies

  • Practicing accountants

  • Practicing lawyers

  • Chartered secretaries or governance professionals of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries and governance-related professionals

Service process

  1. Make an appointment with our company.

  2. Personally bring the original documents to our company for verification.

Case sharing

When registering a limited company through our company, a certified copy of the bank account opening documents will be provided.


Mr. Chen registered a limited company through our company, and we provided him with the service of bank referral and certification of bank account opening documents, allowing Mr. Chen to quickly open a bank account.


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