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Setting Up

Unlimited Company

​Fees & Details

Set Up Unlimited Company

5-7 working days

Fees include:

Business registration fee ($2,200)

Prepare and submit relevant documents to IRD

Comparisons Between 

Limited & Unlimited Companies

Set up unlimited company FAQs

When I started a sole proprietorship business, how and when should I report my profits/loss to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD)?

Sole owners of business should report business results in the Tax Return – Individuals (BIR60).

If I did not make any profit, what should I do?
The loss can be carried forward to set off against the future profits of your business.


How long should I keep and retain business records?

At least 7 years

What are the consequences of not keeping sufficient business records?

Failure to keep sufficient records may result in a court fine of up to $100,000; and

estimated assessments being raised on your business.

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